1. Publishers, authors, and third parties request vetting on manuscripts or recordings before or after publication for a small fee, based on length.
  2. A member of the theological team is assigned to read and vet the manuscript using establishedpublicly available criteria and provides a report to the client.
  3. Manuscripts who meet standards are listed on the CMC website and the author/publisher has the authority to include the CMC seal on the cover, interior, and marketing material. A detailed report on any review is available upon material. A detailed report on any review is available upon request.

WHY THEOLOGICAL VETTING? What is Theological Vetting? Why do we need a new rating system?

All consumers, media stations, and content providers benefit from knowing where content of new media stands, specifically on the basic tenets of the Christian faith, before promoting, purchasing, or consuming the material. Secular standards are inadequate for the Christian marketplace, and some material written in a Christian worldview may still be a sensitive topic intended for mature audiences. Theological vetting provides this basic information as well as information on where a manuscript leans within the broad spectrum of doctrinal interpretation within the Christian faith.

Independent publishers and authors, who account for fully half of the market, have no means available to them to receive such vetting – until now. Media outlets and bookstores concerned about content from independent sources have no means available to them to evaluate new media – until now.

This is not a review system. There are no star ratings, though review ratings from other sites as well as consumer ratings may be made available soon. The services CMC provides acknowledge that what we read, hear, or see has a lasting effect, and we have the right, and responsibility, to be conscious consumers, to make choices that align with our beliefs and our core values.

 Who is CMC? Christian Media Clearinghouse was launched May 2017, created in response to a barrier to entry with bookstores and media outlets resistant to new material from independent publishers, artists, and authors because of a lack of traditionally accepted credential or the backing of a major publisher. Vetting is performed through blind study using a diverse, independent panel of theologians to provide unbiased, uniform critique. This service is available to all publishers, authors, and anyone who wishes to have a manuscript reviewed.

In addition to theological vetting, works are rated for family-safe content as well as profanity, violence, sexual content and occult or anti-Christian worldview material. Vetters do not consider disputable tensions points found in most work, but do give insights as to what those tension points may be.

To request vetting services visit the CMC website or contact us by email or phone.

Rates are based on word count.

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  • Theological Vetting
    • Independent, fee-based, blind study
    • By theologians credentialed by nationally recognized and respected seminaries

  • Family K-T-A content rating for subject matter
    • K =Kid- and family-friendly
    • T=Teen-friendly, may contain sensitive material
    • A=Adult topic, may contain sensitive material

  • PVOS rating (PVOS FREE, PVOS Mild, PVOS Warning)
    • P=profanity
    • V=violence
    • O=occult or anti-Christian worldview
    • S=sexual content

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