Diving into the Deep Ltd. Edition sample

December 3, 2018: Beautiful full-color art-book quality gift book ready for Christmas!
Hardcover- 178 pages, 5.5x8.5 - $29.95 

ISBN 978-0-9985592-6-1

Available here for immediate shipment or on Amazon.

BOOK SIGNING SATURDAY 12/8, 11 am to 1 pm

Junk 'N Java
4005 S. Webster Street, Kokomo, Indiana

An insightful collection of poems and essays infused with Biblical truth that teaches the reader to look ahead in a way that transforms fear and complacency into wondrous anticipation, even late in life, for what God has in store, just beyond the window.

JUDITH GRIMME'S EDDIE and the Dangerous Rescue LAUNCHES!

August 1, 2018: Gripping, inspiring, and as much a tribute to the heart of America as a witness to the grace and majesty of God.

Audiobook- 2 CDs, 2:20 in length, with music and sfx - $22.95 PRE-ORDER

Paperback and Kindle version also available on Amazon.


Order the 2nd volume of The Front Porch Diaries here in paperback for immediate shipment, or through Amazon in either paperback or Kindle version! 
Paperback - 138 pages, 5x7 - $8.99 
ISBN 978-0-9985592-2-3
Kindle $5.99

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New Releases and Announcements:​

Wrapping up 2018 has been a whirlwind of creative activity! Our two latest releases, Wanda  Hood's beautiful Beyond the Window, and Judith Grimme's second volume of The Front Porch Diaries, Eddie and the Dangerous Rescue, have brought a lovely punctuation to a perfect year!  We can ship immediately for Christmas, these titles as well as all of our back list. Free shipping now through December 15!

Visit our SMALL tab to see our latest initiative, a NEW earners' blog to help writers, storytellers, creators and makers understand the constantly changing world of publishing. Our first blog wades in to an uncomfortable subject right away, and will quickly be followed up with easy "how-to" information every author needs, so be sure to subscribe!  Still want to follow my personal blog? Thank you! You'll still find a link to it on our ABOUT tab.

Our two in-house projects are moving forward with exciting collaborations and lots of amazing song-writing. That's right, song-writing! Watch to see Encourage Music and Encourage Books merge together for this incredibly important package, we hope to launch by early 2020. Our partnerships are beginning to gel, relationships that will allow your stories to go out even further into our hungry world.  
Have you listened to our sample of Miracle at Quecreek Mine in audio?  Get ready for goosebumps and throat lumps! Who doesn't need a reminder of just how good and kind God is? Want a book series for your 9-12 year-olds that models wholesome living and teaches valuable lessons, all while keeping them on the edge of their seats? Check out Judy Grimme's series, The Front Porch Diaries (2nd volume out now!). This little book is packed with extra features - check it out!  And for those looking for the perfect inspirational gift book for the holidays, Beyond the Window will delight the sisters, friends, moms and daughters in your life. Every beautiful full-color page is filled with joyful insight, inspiring truth, and a bit of whimsy. The new collector's edition of Diving into the Deep? No words. The life of this one obedient servant of God, unbelievable and awe-inspiring on its own, sinks deep into your heart when you see the breathtaking photos that tell the story. 

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WANDA HOOD'S  Beyond the Window  LAUNCHES!