October 11, 2017: LUCY AND LA PETITE NOUVELLE  now available exclusively through AMAZON for your Kindle app!  This charming children's chapter book, first in the series, introduces readers to nine-year-old Lucy and the children of East Howard, taking you back to the 60s for small-town adventures and misadventures that will leave you clamoring for Volume 2, out later this year, along with the paperback versions of both .  This ebook available  exclusively through Amazon for $5.99!

July 24, 2017: The Quecreek Mine Rescue Foundation and Visitor's Center celebrates the 15th anniversary of the miraculous rescue of the Quecreek Nine, Pennsylvania miners trapped 240 feet below Dormel Farms after an accident flooded the mine, trapping the men. Bill Arnold, owner of Dormel Farms and Executive Director of the Quecreek Mine Rescue Foundation, wrote Miracle at Quecreek Mine, a gripping account of the events that galvanized a nation, and the miracles that took place which allowed all nine to be pulled safely from the mine.  This 116-page book is available through Amazon, the foundation, and Encourage Publishing.


New division provides theological vetting and family-friendly, faith-centric reviews

Encourage Publishing diversifies services to support the family, fellow publishers, bookstores and the media.

New Releases and Announcements:​

2017 has been a whirlwind so far for Encourage Publishing and very successful for our clients, who collectively have sold more than 16,000 books through June, already more than double last year's sales. Two titles were featured at the Christian Booksellers Association UNITE 2017 international buyers conference, which was packed with interviews, events and a magical and inspiring performance by the authors of Unmasking the Masquerade.  Like our Facebook page to follow news on UNITE 2017. Four new clients joined our family through June 2017 and we celebrated the launch of four new titles by August 1, 2017, a grueling but rewarding publishing schedule. We have already more than doubled our unit book copy sales and plan to release six ebooks before Christmas!  

Look for the first volume of The Front Porch Diaries,  out NOW on Amazon, a wonderful series of children's historical fiction that your kids will fall in love with. It's His Show by Colleen and Chris McKain, a true story about love, marriage and infidelity sure to challenge and inspire you, will release a companion workbook later this year perfect for small groups, counselors, individual or couples study.  

We've had lots of growth in our client services area as well, as we launched Christian Media Clearinghouse to provide theological vetting services to our fellow Christian publishers, bookstores, the media and discerning readers.  We've got two large-scale true stories in development that will both take you on an international adventure you won't believe, and a number of educational and motivational projects I am chomping at the bit to release by this fall.  We also have a publishing arm in development to manage our projects that are, shall we say, on the edgy side. Intrigued? Be sure to follow us on social media for all the latest announcements! 

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