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 WHAT is the POWER of SMALL?

When you don't want the inflexible, sterile environment of a large corporation,

When you need a publisher who partners with you instead of controlling every detail,

When you realize the "big guys'" way of doing business is not a good fit for you,

When you need someone to be completely transparent and responsive,

When you need your questions answered, no matter how much time it takes...

We do that.



We don't waste your resources-or ours. We DO tailor our efforts to reach your niche markets first, and build long-term success rather than a burst of low-profit sales that quickly fizzle out. When you are ready, we can scale up and out-strategically.


We don't take a single step until we understand your mission. In fact, we DO require a written mission statement for every project. our mission? To tell your story and conduct our business in a way that honors Christ and encourages others.


We don't have a "one size fits all" mentality. Because we are small and scrappy, we can, and DO quickly adjust your plan advantageously when opportunities, or obstacles, arise.


That's right. our work is lucent, or  light-giving. We try to be a source of light and encouragement for our clients, and select projects based on their ability to inspire, educate, inform, illuminate, or encourage others. 


We are never done learning. In this industry, every aspect is always changing. If a new technique, strategy, partnership, skill or software arises that is best for you, we invest in and learn it. We will never grow too big to learn.